Is Telekinesis Witchcraft, Voodoo, Evil or Dangerous? by a real Modern-Day Practitioner

No, no, no and um no. Tele meaning distant and kinesis meaning movement is the literal definition. For example tele-phone is the movement of sound over a long distance. Tele-vision is the movement of images over a long distance. Though very few people fully understand how either of these two things actually work, we do not consider them to be witchcraft or evil in nature. Therefore, neither is Telekinesis. Or “Psychokinesis” which is a general term that includes Telekinesis (moving objects), Aerokinesis (moving air), Atmokinesis (weather control), Biokinesis (movement of biological organisms/healing), Pyrokinesis (moving fire) and so on.

Psychokinesis is a perfectly natural human ability and can be achieve by anyone who is willing to practice enough to develop their skills. It is said that we only use 10% of our brain. This is a fact not a rule people. The brain, much like any muscle, can be exercised resulting in growth and development of greater mass and or abilities. People who can do Psychokinesis have acquired their abilities by practice, dedication and by exercising/expanding their mind activity beyond the normal 10%, not by summoning demons or using some magical spell. That is just ridiculous fear mongering perpetuated by ignorance.

Sadly, most so-called “rational” thinking people don’t know the difference between their brain and their mind. Just like many spiritual leaders don’t know the difference between their spirit and their soul. All this confusion leads to superstition resulting in mental and spiritual suppression. Our brain is simply an organ or tool of the mind. Our spirit is only one small aspect or “personality” of our soul. When we incarnate (birth) our memory is erased and only a small portion of our soul is able to fit inside our body.

As we grow in physical size, so too does our capacity to acquire more brain power and soul mass. Before schools and religions were developed to conceal and suppress our capabilities, we had ordinary humans developing so-called superhuman abilities rapidly worldwide. Once their wisdom or abilities surpassed the norm, they were given a title like genius, guru, witch, wizard, savior, god, demon, shaman, psychic or other nonsensical name, and then they were either killed or revered, or both. In reality, they are perfectly normal humans. If you think telekinesis is unnatural you are a simply a victim of the misinformation system designed to keep you in your proverbial box, and keep those with more developed ability lurking in the shadows of mystery, doubt, fear and ridicule.

Most people who have never had a truly profound spiritual experience perceive TK as either fake, evil or a fluke. They have no idea that their mind extends far beyond their body and actually projects and creates physical reality. They still believe in the grand illusion that they are separate from everything and everyone. That’s fine because ignorance truly is bliss for a while, but once you know better there is no denying or forgetting it to appease nonbelievers. And to ridicule others for seeking or achieving a different understanding of life is blasphemy in my opinion.

So, the next time you see someone healing someone or performing any form of Psychokinesis ask yourself this. Why do I not believe this is real or why do I feel uncomfortable watching this? Or, ask why do I believe this is impossible for me to do, or is bad for others to do? You will likely discover your opinion is not yours but is rather preprogrammed in a paradigm that was created for you.

So that is the truth in a nutshell folks, and now I will briefly explain how TK works and how you can discover and develop this skill for yourself.

First you sprinkle a circle of salt and summons lord Satan into your life. Ha! I’m kidding of course. You don’t do any incantations, perform any rituals or cast any magic spells. That is just ridiculous. You don’t have to pray for some magical white light of protection or request permission from anyone or thing either. It’s all you baby. You are a very powerful being with far greater abilities than you realize. Unfortunately, just like a muscle or brain that is seldom used, your psi abilities remain completely dormant or at best underdeveloped. Your first step is to simply quiet your mind and let go of your belief system and just find the real you.

If you are a seasoned meditator, you can skip this paragraph. Sit or lie quietly and comfortably and try to clear your mind of all thoughts and emotions. Don’t fight off the thoughts that pop in your mind, just let them flow in and out and view them form a silent spectator’s point of view. This spectator is the real you, the captain of the mind. Your thoughts are just information based vibrations which are products of your logical thinking, or left brain activity. That junk is all just in-formation as in not solid, permanent or entirely formed.

The goal of this meditation is to simply tone down the left brain activity until it is equal with the right brain activity. Unless you meditate or function creatively often, your brain probably does this automatically from time to time, just to reboot your brain and keep you from crashing (going insane). We call this spacing-out, day dreaming or falling into a trance. Our brains are forced to do it this way because we don’t know any better. We tend to overload our left brain with information day in and day out and ignore our right brain’s functions completely.

Once the two hemispheres of your brain are functioning equally or at least close, you are in the right frame of mind to perform, discover or improve your Psychokinesis. I will provide detailed instructions on how I began practicing and doing TK in another blog, but for now let’s just stick to the basic mechanics involved so we can demystify all this demonic and ghostly nonsense.

If you have a basic understanding of quantum physics you are well on your way to understanding how TK actually works. Everything we see, hear, smell, taste and feel is simply energy vibrating at a set frequency which is then interpreted by our brain via the five senses. In reality we are also projecting these vibrations, but let’s keep this simple and to the point.

Nothing is solid and that is a well-known proven scientific fact. When you break any physical matter down to a quantum (smallest) level you find that is 99.9999% empty space. This is how and why TK works folks. Not by using witchcraft or invisible goblins or spirits to move stuff, but by communicating with things on a molecular level transmitted by the electromagnetic currents projected from your brain. That’s it okay? We have heard enough of the stupid sorcery and black magic hoopla.

Now this is not to say you simply think or mentally tell an object to move and it will comply. Oh no, as I mentioned, these are set vibrations designed to hold things in to form and create the illusion of physical reality. Moving something telepathically requires the mastery of the universal language between all things which is feelings, not information or magic. One must first learn how to expand their mind and soul beyond the body via mediation or other means. This will establish a connection between the inner world (you projecting) and the outer world (it receiving/reflecting). Then and only then can you communicate on a vibrational and molecular level and experience Psychokinesis first hand.

So, until you perform TK yourself and actually feel and understand the beauty of achieving oneness with something beyond your physical body via mind expansion and empathy, please spare us who have from all your hate, fear and lies about witchcraft and evil entities. Frankly, I question the sanity of people who actually believe in such gobbledygook.

Well, I imagine this article probably has many of you skeptics pretty ticked off or thoroughly confused by now, and you seekers and believers feeling relieved and hungry for more. Well that’s a good thing because I have included some of my own personal Psychokinesis demonstration video links below for you to either enjoy or ridicule at your discretion. You haters can mock demonize and try to debunk what you see and you seekers can witness what I have just explained and discover where to go to learn more.

Thanks for reading my rant. I hope this helps to demystify Telekinesis and open your mind to broader understanding of physical reality and spiritual growth. Psychokinesis is just one of many abilities we are all capable of. Once we as a race develop our potential to full capacity we can literally create and enjoy heaven on Earth.

By: Robert Louis Allen (aka Trebor7) 10/1/2013

Source of information: God within, AEMI, common sense and personal experience.



Telekinesis Demonstration: Simultaneous Triple Push by Trebor7

This is a short little 40 second video of me TK pushing a piece of paper, turning a psi wheel (aka: chi spinner) left and right, and pushing a ping pong ball across water at the same time. This is probably my best on-camera performance thus far and I like the fact that I remembered to wear the stupid dust mask thing for the neigh Sayers.

*The microphone is screwed up on my camera so all my vids just have music or commentary added later. I use Serif Movie Maker software to add the text and audio in case any of you are wondering. Not that I would anyway, but I assure you this software is not capable of doing any of that fake CG telekinesis crap you see on You Tube. My videos are the real deal and I will do my best to demonstrate and share my skills with anyone who seeks to learn and grow as a member of the AEMI family.

Password: Trebor7

TELEKINESIS VIDEO: Pulling a Rock by Trebor7

This clip is actually a recorded practice session and only about a minute and a half long. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was even capable of doing such thing as pulling over a rock using TK, but even more surprised I did it on camera! This is a must see in my opinion.

Password: Trebor7

TELEKINESIS VIDEO: Fun with Feathers by Trebor7 (Plus TK Tips)

More practice footage only this time doing TK with feathers. This was my longest video to date lasting 7:20. It is a montage featuring the best parts of over 30 minutes of my entire recorded practice session. Though fun to watch, in regard to my objective, this was pretty much a failure. I am better at TK when I hold perfectly still. I was/am trying to connect my inner TK movement with an outer physical motion. I am told doing this will help to better integrate or harmonies my spirit body in line with my physical body. This video includes some instructional commentary which may prove to be helpful to those wishing to unlock or improve their TK skills.

Password: Trebor7


This is a short 1:30 clip of me doing a very small scale Hydrokinesis (water) demonstration using a bowl of water and one hand. It was shot sort of POV style which was not really the best way to demonstrate this skill. Never the less this a solid demonstration and worthy of watching.

Password: Trebor7


AEROKINESIS (Airbending) Video Demonstration by Trebor7

This is my latest video and though I do better off camera, I feel this short little two minute clip provides a pretty good visual and audible demonstration and explanation of my Aerokinesis technique, and it shows some moderate visible success controlling the element of air as well.

Password: Trebor7

PYROKINESIS Demonstration (Pulsing a Candle Flame) by Trebor7

This is a pretty solid demonstration (in my opinion) showing that Pyrokinesis is at least plausible. I am pulsing a candle with another “control” candle next to it that does not flicker. This clip is 3:13 and includes commentary.

Password: Trebor7


Discover the amazing world of energy at:

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